Tummy Tuck

About Tummy Tuck for Women

The problem of excessive deposition of fat on abdomen of men and women is a common scenario and there are many people who are suffering from the same. Loose abdominal skin is yet another major cause of worry. If you are also one such candidate then Tummy Tuck is the solution for you. Medically known as Abdominoplasty, is the last and the right resort to get rid of excessive fat of abdomen area. You will discover outstanding results after undergoing this surgery. It is a surgical process wherein cosmetic surgeons tighten the loosen muscles that are separated as well as weakened because of pregnancy. Candidates who have undergone the procedure have experienced dramatic results.

Abdominoplasty Procedure

tummy tuck plastic surgery cost, abdominoplasty tummy tuck surgery for womenAfter your Tummy Tuck surgery

Abdominoplasty ProcedureFirst, complete liposuction of the abdominal skin is carried out. Then, excessive skin becomes easy to move and thereafter area on which the surgery has to be performed is marked. The incision marks are made within bikini line and after that excessive deposition of fact is removed. Next, surgeon will tighten the muscles in the lower abdomen and midline. If patient is suffering from hernia then it is also fixed at this time only. During this time, separation of muscles in the midline is also repaired. Thereafter, the belly button is brought via healthy skin then the incision made is closed in layers.

Recuperation post surgery

Recuperation post surgeryCandidates who have undergone this surgery experience intense discomfort and pain immediately after the surgery. There is very possibility that you might experience bruising as well as numbness for several days after the surgery. Same goes for the swelling that subsides gradually with time. If drainage tubes are put at the time of surgery then these will be removed within two to three days after surgery. You will be asked to wear support garment for another three to four weeks. You can resume office work within two weeks of the surgery.

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