Nose Surgery For Men

About Nose Surgery for Men

There are many people out there who are unhappy with the shape, positions and size of their nose. Thus, if you are also feeling the same way then there is nothing for which you need to worry much as there is solution available for you. Nose surgery is the answer for all your troubles. The nose is one feature of the face which can determine overall looks for the person. Whether it is crooked or large, having ill-shaped nose can affect your confidence. Rhinoplasty is the remedy for problems that you face when it is about nose. It is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures performed all over the world to reshape and resize nose. It can help in relieving the symptoms of sleep apnoea and rectifying breathing issues. Our surgeons have the expertise in making nose prominent, wider, smaller or smooth so that you can feel confident.

Advantages of nose surgery

• Corrects the asymmetry of facial features and brings in harmony in appearance.
• Removal of a common cause of teasing as well as jibes
• Boost in self-confidence from anew profile. There have been instances where patients were happy with their new photos taken after surgery
• Increase in self-esteem and confidence
• You can get your hairstyle changed as and when you want.

Facts related to rhinoplasty

• Nose surgery can improve the overall look of your face
• Our cosmetic surgeons can rectify the shape and size of your nose
• It is the second most sought after cosmetic surgery preferred by men
• There are scars visible
• The surgical process takes around two to three hours to be completed and is perfumed under general anaesthesia
• Breathing issues which occur because of an injury are also rectified

Nose Reshaping Surgery Procedure

• Through this surgical procedure, shape, length and size of the nose can be altered
• As the scars are internal, they are not visible
• In case, nostrils have to be reduced, minimal scarring will occur which gets hidden in the nostril crease.
• The lower part is made of cartilage. If nose tip has to be reduced then surgeons remove part of the cartilage without scarring.
• If nose is either bent or deviated, doctors might recommend septo-rhinoplasty for straightening the nose.

Results and Recovery

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Surgeon will remove stitches within 6 and 7 days post surgery. There will be swelling for one to six days and bruising will subside in a week or two. Your dressings will be removed in 55 to ten days time. If nasal packs are used then these will be removed within a week's time. Avoid exercise and aerobics for six weeks after surgery. Although you will start noticing change in few weeks after surgery but final results might take a year.

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