Neck Lift

About Neck Lift for Women

As time passes by, you grow and with aging come changes in your body of which some changes are visible on your skin. For many people, time is no less than enemy for it adds to your age making it appear more sagging. Have you ever paid attention to wrinkles on your face and sagging skin and nasolabial folds near the area around your eyes? If yes is what you answer then it is important for you to know that these are aging signs that make your face appear gloomy and dull. If you are bothered by the sagging skin around neck area then here is a remedy for you – Neck Lift Surgery. It is medically known as Cervicoplasty and is a surgical process wherein sagging skin is removed from your areas around your neck.

Cosmetic surgeon will examine the patient before performing the procedure. It is performed either as standalone procedure or in conjunction with other surgical procedures such as brow lift or face lift. If you are looking for better and improved results then it is suggested that you combine it with face lift surgery. When the two procedures are performed then you can be assured to get outstanding results.

Neck Lift Procedure

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The area that has to be operated is first examined by the surgeon along with cheeks, nose and face. Snapshots of your face will be taken from diverse angles. It is suggested that you inform doctor about the blood thinners and other medication that you are consuming. Surgery is performed under local anesthesia. On the basis of the amount of fat that has to be removed, incision will be made under the chin and behind ears. Cosmetic surgeon makes use of an instrument for removing the fat deposits that makes your skin appear sagging and dull. Thereafter, operated area is stitched and bandaged. It takes almost four to five hours to complete the entire procedure.

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