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Looking beautiful and young is something for which we all crave for. However, aging, hectic work schedules and poor eating habits affect looks greatly. Often, looking into the mirror brings the harsh reality of imperfections. There are many who start looking older than their actual age. There are several factors which contribute to your looks, whether good or bad. If you want to get those imperfections erased then Cosmetic Surgery Face is the right answer for you. Yes, it is very much possible for you to retain your facial features and look young and smart. Undergoing a knife, no doubt, is a tough decision, but results can be surprising.

If your facial features lack harmony then also you are the right candidate for the procedure. Reasons for facial harmony can be many including small chin, double chin, recessed cheek bones and irregular nose shape, to name a few. Here, we make use of the right blend of latest techniques and state of the art technology while maintaining US Safety standards to give you best of the results. No matter what your reason to undergo cosmetic surgery face is, you can be assured to get results which will make you feel young and confident.


face surgery delhi face surgery cost indiaBefore your face lift surgery

  • The Cosmetic Surgeon may suggest that you lose weight to give you the best possible long lasting result.
  • Your Cosmetic Surgeon will also suggest that you stop smoking - an important part in assisting wound healing.
  • If you colour your hair, it is advisable to do so before surgery as it will be several weeks afterwards before it is again safe to do so.
  • You may want to bring sunglasses to wear after surgery to hide some of the swelling and bruising.


  • The Cosmetic Surgeon will visit you in your room to obtain your final consent and mark the face with a pen in preparation for your surgery.
  • If you have any final questions it is important that you ask your Cosmetic Surgeon at this time.
  • When you wake up from your surgery you will have dressings on the face and possibly drainage tubes in place.
  • Painkillers will be offered if required, however it is not regarded as a painful procedure, more uncomfortable due to the 'tight' feeling.
  • You can expect to be in hospital for 1 or 2 days, any drainage tubes will be removed before you go home.

Going home after face lift surgery

  • It is advisable to rest with your head propped up in the early days and avoid bending, lifting or sudden movements of the head.
  • You will be advised on when you can wash your hair and this will help to make the removal of the stitches easier.
  • It is very important that you attend the appointments to care for your wound and see your Cosmetic Surgeon.
  • It will be possible to return to work once the stitches have been removed and the bruising and swelling have settled, approximately 2 - 3 weeks.
  • You will have your own personal Nurse Counsellor both before and after your procedure to support you and answer any questions you may have.

Recovery from Face Lift Surgery

  • Most people may experience some bruising and swelling
  • Stitches will be removed at between 7 to 14 days
  • By this time you should be able to resume your normal day-to-day activities with few exceptions

What's next

Find out more about our procedures and treatments, for a free no obligation consultation and to meet with a nurse please contact us on 09315802412 or click through to book online.


Face LiftIt is important that your decision to have a Cosmetic Surgery procedure is considered carefully. There are many points that should be considered before deciding to have any type of Cosmetic Treatment or Surgery.

There are also some possible risks, as with all surgical operations, which your Cosmetic Surgeon will talk through and explain to you at your consultation, answering any questions you may have. This is your opportunity to discuss your intended surgery in order that the Cosmetic Surgeon can ascertain your expectations as to what can realistically be achieved.

Every Cosmetic Surgeon who performs face lift procedures for The Cosmetic Surgery India belongs to a relevant professional organisation, is fully accredited to practice in the UK as a specialist in Plastic Surgery, and has specific training and experience in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Choosing the right cosmetic surgery provider - please read our guide Choosing a Cosmetic Surgery Provider

Our nurses advise you consider the following things before your surgery:

  • Child care and post surgery activities including sleeping arrangements
  • Have necessary post-operative garments
  • How long will the effects of treatment keep me away from my usual activities?
  • At what stage will I be able to judge the results of treatment?
  • How long do the results last?
  • When can I return to work?


  • How long does the treatment take?
  • Is the treatment painful and if so what form of anaesthesia is used?
  • What type of care will I need after treatment?
  • Will I need pain relief following treatment?
  • Will I have swelling or bruising and can these be treated?
  • Will I need to wear a supportive garment?

Of course these are just some of the commonly asked questions but please feel free to ask your nurse for lots more information

At The Cosmetic Surgery India our aftercare is second to none. You will have your own specially trained cosmetic surgery nurse to guide you through your procedure and aftercare. In fact with The Cosmetic Surgery India you are patient for life.

Our Cosmetic Surgeons are among the most skilled, qualified and experienced in the Cosmetic Surgery field and our fully qualified Cosmetic Surgery Nurses are specially selected for their expertise and approachability.

It is your body so naturally you will want to place it in the safe and trusting hands of The Cosmetic Surgery India. For quality care and ethical practices coupled with experience and they very best medical skills available, there is only one name to trust... The Cosmetic Surgery India

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