Eyelid Surgery

About Eyelid Surgery

Eyes are the most beautiful blessings. These are the expressive features and speak volume about how one is feeling at a given point of time. Earliest sign of ageing and stress are first to be noticed here. Deposition of excess skin, muscles and fat around the lower and upper lids can directly affect the appearance of the person. In fact, it is your eyes that make you look younger and smart.

The concept of Eyelid Surgery has gained momentum in the last few years or so. While performing the surgery, excess fat pouches located under eyes and excess deposition of skin on the upper eyelids is removed. As a matter of fact, your drooping eyelids will be given rejuvenated and young look.

Eyelid Surgery, also known as Blepharoplasty, can be performed along or with other facial cosmetic surgeries like Brow lift and Facelift to give your face an all new look. Local anaesthesia is used if eyelid surgery is performed alone whereas general anaesthesia is used if it is a part of other cosmetic surgeries.

Who all are the candidates for the eyelid surgery?

Those who have healthy muscles and facial tissues around eyes and are emotionally stable and physically healthy then you are certainly the right candidate for the surgery. Also, you should not suffer from any kind of eye problem. Ophthalmologist will examine you before prescribing the surgery.

Results post eyelid surgery

The eyelid surgery has brought a dramatic revolution in the world of cosmetic surgery. Not only the candidate will be bestowed with rejuvenated eyes but the face will appear younger and attractive. There are some people who have excess deposition of skin over the eyelid that hampers the vision. Some have droopy eyes. Eyelid surgery corrects it all. The results that you will be getting from this surgery are permanent.

Eyelid Surgery

Arm Lift Surgery Recuperation tenure post surgery

Usually it takes a week to ten days to get back to normal activities. However, it is suggested that you avoid doing strenuous activities for next two to three months. Give your eyes an all new look and feel by simply undergoing eye lid surgery.

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