Chin Implants

About Chin Implants for Women

The face is the first thing that people see when they meet you and it is therefore easy to have your confidence knocked if you are insecure about a particular feature. If you feel like this because of the size or shape of your chin, then you are not alone and our chin implant surgery might be the solution.

Looks have a vital role to play in an individual’s life. Facial looks do matter the most to everyone. Chin is an extremely important part of face, and if it is not in shape then it can affect your overall appearance. If you want to improve the shape of your chin then Chin Implants are the right remedy for you. Through this surgical procedure, fullness is added to the receding chin or shape of the face is altered to proportion as well as balance. Facial features should be harmony so that you can look graceful. Usually, chin implants can be combined with nose reshaping surgery, face lift and other surgical procedures.

Advantages of undergoing chin implants

• Strengthen your jaw line
• Increased self-esteem and overall self-confidence
• Correcting unbalanced and weak features
• Enhance your neck line which will make your large nose appear small
• Improve your appearance by producing features which are more balanced and proportioned

Chin Implant Surgery Procedure

It is one of the simplest surgical procedures wherein patients are seen as day cases. In other words, patients are discharged from the clinic on the very same day of the surgery. Patients do not have to stay overnight in hospital. It takes around 45 minutes or an hour to complete the procedure and is performed under general anaesthesia. An incision is made from within the mouth or below the chin it is then secured with dissolvable stitches to get the right results.

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