Brow Lift

About Brow Lift Surgery for Women

There are no two ways about the fact that it is impossible to put back the clock and get back to youth again. However, there are several cosmetic procedures that can help you in gaining more youthful look. Brow Lift surgery is one such example. If you are not comfortable with the sagging skin on your forehead region and want to get it corrected then Browplasty is the surgery recommended for you. Also, the younger generation today is bearing the brunt of stress that is pretty much visible on the face. Enhancing your looks by a few years is now possible.


brow lift cosmetic surgery cost delhi india How Brow Lift Surgery is done?

here are three ways in which browplasty can be performed:

  • A temporal lift
  • An open brow lift
  • An eyebrow lift that is performed through endoscope

Surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia and lasts for 2-5 hours. Usually it is performed on outpatient where a candidate is not required to stay in hospital. Cosmetic surgeon will remove the segments of skin tissues and muscles that lead to the growth of wrinkles or skin sagging. It can be performed as a separated procedure in conjunction with face lift procedure.


  • More and more men are having brow lift surgery.
  • This procedure requires an overnight stay in hospital.
  • The recovery is 10 to 14 days.
  • 2 different types of Brow lift Surgery (Open Brow Lift and Endoscopic Brow lift).
  • Brow lift procedure can be combined with other surgical procedures, particularly eye bag removal surgery.

Brow Lift Surgery Recovery Time

Candidates who undergo surgery will experience swelling and bruising that will subside within 2-3 weeks. Surgeon will remove the dressing within 2 days and it might take 7-8 days to remove stitches. You can resume work within 2 days but it might take up a week's time to get rid of bruising. Avoid doing exercises for next 2-3 weeks. Although it might take six months to a year's time to get the finest results, you will experience improvement a few weeks post the surgery.

So, if you are craving for younger and fresh looks by correcting sagging skin around forehead then brow lift surgery is for you.

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