Brow Lift

About Brow Lift Surgery for Men

Getting older brings along consequences. Signs of ageing can set anyone, under sun, worrying. No matter what, even a single sign of ageing can worry you. As we get older, skin above eyes become droopy causing what is commonly known as the hood effect. It is this effect which makes eye appear tired and face old. In order to get rid of the condition, you can choose to undergo brow lift surgery. It is a simple procedure in which surgery is performed to lift the area right above the eye, opening the area of eye and making it appear look young. In this surgery, brows are lifted and muscles tightened which get stretched over the period of time and tightening loose skin and reducing deposition of excessive fat. Although this surgery is mostly performed only for cosmetic reasons, it can affect vision too in some cases.

Advantages of brow lift surgical process

• Helps in rectifying asymmetry of the eyebrows and forehead

• Increase in self-esteem

• Look rejuvenated and young

• Over-all increase in self-confidence

Interesting facts about brow lift surgery

• It takes around ten to fourteen days in recovering

• It can be combined with other cosmetic procedures, specifically eye bag removal surgery

• A large number of men are opting for brow lift surgery

• There are two ways in which the surgery can be performed – Endoscopic brow lift and open brow lift.

• One who undergoes the surgery is required to stay in hospital overnight


• In this surgery, brows are raised and eyelids lifted rendering more brighter and fresh look

• It is performed under general anaesthesia, and usually takes around two to three hours to complete.

• There are two forms of brow lift surgery – Endoscopic and open brow lift surgery

• The technique which is used is dependent the skin condition, hairline as well as facial structure.

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