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About breast Reduction

Women who have large or extremely heavy breasts find themselves in an awkward situation quite frequently. Often, the size of breasts is so large that they restrict themselves to their home. Confidence suffers the most in such cases. It goes without saying that female fraternity is extremely conscious and alert when it comes to looks. As a matter of fact overly large breast are not only an emotional restriction but are also the cause of back pain and discomfort. Bad posture is yet another problem that is consequential to heavy breasts. You can choose Breast Reduction Surgery if you are facing the similar problem. The surgery will help you regain the shape of your breasts in proportion to the body.

Technically known as Mammoplasty, Breast Reduction is a surgical process wherein the size of breasts is rectified by removing the deposition or accumulation of unwanted fat, skin and glandular tissue. The prime motto of this surgery is to augment the volume and shape of the breast. It is also the preferred option for counteracting drooping of breasts.

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Signs of Mammoplasty Medium Peel

Pendulous and large breasts-he excessive deposition of weight causes severe pain in back, head, shoulder and neck. In some cases, patients also develop breathing problem.

reast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes about two to four hours to complete and requires the candidate to stay in the hospital for a day. Swelling will last for many weeks while bruising will subside in or more than three weeks. Dressing will be removed within three to five days and drainage pipes will be removed at the same time. You have to wear support bra for a long time. In addition, you will be required to wear bra without underwire. Stitches will be removed in two weeks time.

You can resume desk work within a week while physically demanding work can be resumed in four to six weeks. Do not lift upper arms above armpit levels and no aerobics for three to four weeks. No weight lifting for six weeks while no sexual activity for two weeks. It might take a year's time to get better results.

Choosing to have breast Reduction

There are many reasons why people choose to have breast Reduction

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