Breast Augmentation

About Breast Augmentation

Attractive looks, beauty and gorgeousness are the words that are synonymous to the female beauty. Women who have small or shapeless breasts are extremely conscious about their looks. In some cases, women even stop being the part of social life. If this the case with you then just relax as Breast Augmentation is the surgery for you. It is a new age process that has proved to be blessing for many women. Surgeons make use of implants ensuring that your breasts are in the right shape. A large number of women prefer this surgery to rectify the breasts volume after pregnancy and enhance the contours of their body. No matter what your reason to opt for this surgery is, you can be assured to experience high in confidence. Post the surgery, your bust line will increase by more than one cup size.

The surgical procedure is gaining immense popularity amongst young women. It is the placement of breast implants that gives your body a new shape. It goes without saying that you will experience dramatic change in your overall appearance.

Breast Augmentation

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Incision for breast augmentation

There are two ways in which incision is made for the placement of implants:

Transaxillary – An incision is made in the dissection tunnels medially and the armpit. This method lets the placement of implants in such a way that there are no visible marks of scars on your breast.

Periareolar – In this approach, surgeon makes the incision along the aerolar border
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The surgery is performed under General anesthesia or local with sedation. The entire procedure takes about an hour or two get completed. Usually, it is performed on outpatient but in some cases you might have to stay for a day in hospital. Once the surgery is over, you will experience swelling for many weeks. Your breasts will appear high initially but as the swelling will subside so do the implants will settle down. Bruising will subside in three weeks.

Dressing will be removed in five to seven days and along with it will be removed drainage pipes. You will, then, have to wear support bra without underwire for many weeks. In case, non-absorbable stitches are used then these will be removed within 7-10 days. You can resume desk work in one week while physically demanding can be resumed within four to six weeks.

You will get to enjoy final results several months after the surgery when swelling disappears and the implants settle down completely giving your breasts the final shape.

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